Proposal Writer - for on-demand transit system

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Full-time


This role is an opportunity in the exciting and fast-growing transportation technology industry.  Public transit is being transformed from a system of static, scheduled fixed-routes, to a dynamic on-demand network, and you’ll be one of the pioneers shaping this transformation.  As Proposal Writer, you’ll be responsible for producing high-quality proposals, product documentation, and developing internal processes that help the company to win multi-million-dollar transit projects, to operate them successfully, and scale up our organization rapidly. You will develop a deep understanding of urban mobility challenges faced by transit operators. You will become an expert on communicating RideCo software’s value proposition and our data-driven approach to transit service design and operation. You will empower our sales and operations teams to be more effective in their roles by shaping RideCo’s message to the market: 

  • Write proposals to public transit agencies: Perform background research (together with business analyst team), understand current transit gaps, review the RFP requirements, translate technical service design documentation from business analysts and product specialists into a narratively structured proposal that is readable, concise and appropriate to the audience. We’re hoping your contributions help increase our win rate by 50%.
  • Review and edit solution proposals. Review draft proposal documents prepared by sales and analyst teams for correct grammar and brevity; and improve its strategic positioning and persuasiveness. Ensure the proposal follows the client’s/RFP’s requirements and internal guidelines.
  • Establish and manage procedures, guidelines and document templates. Prepare templates for various types of solution proposals to different customer types; create standardized workflows to structure the team’s efforts and manage the workflow to incorporate inputs from multiple authors in the right manner, for timely completion of the proposals and minimal errors. We’re hoping you create a repeatable and scalable playbook that helps us be organized and effective as we double and triple our teams of writers, sales professionals, and analysts in the coming years.
  • Create and maintain digital knowledge base. Utilize digital tools such as wiki’s, FAQs and knowledge base repositories to manage content in an accessible format for internal and external audiences.
  • Prepare e-books on best practices. Conduct interviews with our multi-disciplinary team of experts to understand what it takes to design and operate a successful on-demand transit service. These interviews/inputs span operations, performance analysis, product, project management, and end-user support. Compile and organize the insights into best practices e-books and training materials on each domain, separately for internal and external audiences. Collaborate with team members to continuously update the best practices e-books and training materials.
  • Develop content for product marketing. Collaborate with marketing team to write copy that translates complex product features into succinct marketable content for whitepapers, website, and outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Educate: Continuously expand the collective knowledge-base of the company through multi-disciplinary learning and knowledge sharing.


Who we are

RideCo builds the best on-demand transit systems in the world. Fleet operators and public transit agencies in North America and Asia use RideCo’s cloud-based software platform to provide on-demand shared rides in dynamically routed buses, vans, and cars.

Have you experienced getting frustrated with public buses and switched to driving a car? What about being stuck in traffic while commuting to work solo-driving your car? Have you seen buses drive around in residential areas with very few passengers on-board and wondered how inefficient that seems to be? You’re likely aware of the first & last mile access challenges faced by transit hubs. We are solving these problems by re-imagining shared mobility. Imagine a world where vehicles have dynamic routes responsive to real-time trip demand. This ‘dynamic shuttle’ (or bus/van) would pick you up, on-demand, at or near your doorstep and take you to your destination or transit hub. Along the way, it may pick-up other passengers going in your direction. Your experience will be seamless: less waiting, less walking, fewer transfers, shorter travel time, and timely pickups and drop-offs. RideCo’s ‘dynamic shuttle’ platform enables this seamless experience and low-cost shared rides for vehicle fleet operators and their passengers. By seamlessly moving more people in fewer vehicles we are catalyzing a generational shift in how people get around cities and towns. This means commuters spend less time in transit and more time doing what they enjoy.

Our clients include some of the world's largest fleet operators such as Grab, San Antonio Metro, and Los Angeles Metro. RideCo powers a diverse range of use cases today including residential/suburban travel, first-mile-last-mile for train stations, long-distance commuters, university campus, military base, corporate employee transport, and international airport. We are investing in scaling up and capture the growing demand for on-demand shared rides solutions.



  • Education: University degree in English, Science, or related discipline.
  • Top notch communicator: Exceptional written/oral communication and presentation skills, with a portfolio that includes proposals, case studies, and e-books.
  • Experience: in proposal writing, technical writing or B2B marketing role(s)
  • Tools proficiency: comfortable working with production or information management tools such as MS Word, Visio, Wikis, knowledge bases, Camtasia, or Adobe suite.
  • Location: Based in Waterloo, Ontario or willing to relocate.



Base salary: $65K - $95K, commensurate with qualifications / experience + stock options



Email your resume (or link to your LinkedIn profile) and cover letter to:

Email Subject: “Proposal Writer”