Graphic Designer

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | Full-time


Role Summary: 

This is an opportunity in the exciting and fast-growing transportation technology industry. You will join a small and rapidly growing marketing team and massively lift the company’s external polish.  

As a Graphic Designer, you will play a key role in bringing our campaigns to life by managing the brand through designing a variety of physical and digital assets. You will develop an understanding of the top market challenges and assist the marketing team in visually communicating to transit agencies how RideCo’s on-demand platform can uniquely solve those challenges. You will collaborate with product management, client success, marketing, and sales teams to align their efforts with our go-to-market strategy.  

Your day-to-day responsibilities will include

  • Manage the design phases of each project assigned, including concept development, reviews, approval, and execution of final designs- with an understanding towards an “integrated” approach to marketing
  • Produce end-to-end design assets for use in case studies, infographics, emails, webpages, social media posts, and other digital promotional materials
  • Design print materials for use in print ads, direct mail campaigns, swag items, trade shows, and more
  • Maintain/update website with current content and graphics 
  • Maintain the brand through consistency in all assets and introduce fresh ideas to enhance traditional marketing campaigns
  • Assist with video/audio editing of education content like webinar recordings and tutorials 
  • Collaborate with various teams across the organization to conceptualize and design our various client-facing materials & applications
  • Project Management: Manage projects from conception, design, print and production

Preferred qualifications: 

  • Education: Degree in graphic design/communication/engineering/business/marketing or related discipline 
  • Experience: Minimum of 3-5 years as a professional graphic designer working across both print and digital channels, preferably in a B2B or B2G setting
  • Tools: Experience working with Adobe Creative Suite and relevant design and presentation tools 
  • Proven track record of displaying conceptual thinking and a strong understanding of colour, layout, typography, and more, demonstrated through a design portfolio of your presentations, case studies, infographics, emails, webpages, or other digital and print promotional materials 
  • Impressive project management and organizational skills while being detail oriented and able to prioritize. A passion for design is a must! 
  • Location: Based in Waterloo, Ontario 

Compensation and Benefits  

  • Base Salary: $65,000 - $85,000 
  • Work-Life Balance: Flex time, work from home, vacation time  
  • Benefits Plan: Dental, prescription, disability, massage, and more  

Who we are: 

RideCo powers on-demand transit. Public transit agencies use RideCo's cloud-based software platform to provide on-demand shared rides in dynamically routed buses and vans. Our clients include some of the world’s largest transportation operators such as Los Angeles Metro, Houston Metro, San Antonio Metro, and Calgary Transit. 

Have you experienced getting frustrated with transfers and waiting while taking a public bus? Have you seen buses drive around in low-density areas with very few passengers on-board and wondered how inefficient that seems to be? You are likely aware of the first & last mile access challenges faced by transit hubs. We are solving these problems by re-imagining shared mobility. Imagine a world where vehicles have dynamic routes responsive to real-time trip demand. This 'dynamic shuttle' (or van /sedan) would pick you up, on-demand, at or near your doorstep, and take you to your destination or transit hub. Along the way, it may pick up other passengers going in your direction. Your experience will be seamless: less waiting, less walking, fewer transfers, shorter travel time, and timely pickups and drop-offs. RideCo's 'dynamic shuttle' platform enables this seamless experience and low-cost shared rides for vehicle fleet operators and their passengers. By seamlessly moving more people in fewer vehicles we are catalyzing a generational shift in how people get around cities and towns. This means commuters spend less time in transit and more time doing what they enjoy. 

RideCo powers a diverse range of use cases, including residential/ suburban travel; first-mile-last-mile connections for transit hubs; and corporate employee transportation. We are investing to scale up and capture the growing demand for on-demand shared rides solutions.