Marketing Manager

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | Full-time


Role Summary:

Your potential story, two years from now……. We’d like to thank you for your contributions in advancing the state of urban transportation. You leveraged RideCo’s success with early adopter clients to build data-rich content and marketing campaigns aimed at multi-national fleet operators and public transit agencies. Due to your efforts,  transportation operators worldwide now understand how demand-responsive, dynamically routed vehicles can solve their urban mobility challenges. This growing market awareness quadrupled the adoption of RideCo’s ‘dynamic shuttle’ platform with fleet operators and public transit agencies. Passengers now wait for less, walk less, make fewer transfers, get to their destinations quicker, and live happier lives.

Here are some of your specific contributions:

  • Improved RideCo’s series of blog posts, case studies, and webinars based on the results from our rapidly growing client base. Your compelling narrative and data-rich content explained how our ‘dynamic shuttle’ platform solves first & last mile access problems. You marketed the case studies/webinars through digital channels to various customer segments. These efforts culminated in the content being viewed by transportation operators that collectively move more than 100 million passengers daily and enhanced RideCo’s market position and thought leadership. The resulting market awareness grew our sales funnel 5-fold.
  • Spent time in-market understanding passenger transportation challenges faced by modern fleet operators in both public and private sectors. You identified the strongest pain points and fastest paths to grow revenues. You applied these insights to enhance the company’s market segmentation and customer acquisition strategy, resulting in 2x shorter sales cycles and higher value contracts.
  • Collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team to write and publish e-books/white papers tailored to individual market segments on best practices for on-demand shared-rides services. These best practices documents were widely shared among transportation planners and operators and created a new lexicon of operating metrics used to evaluate dynamic transit services. Through these initiatives, you enhanced RideCo’s brand as an innovator in the industry.
  • Assisted the business development team in preparing proposals for public transit agencies, ensuring that the materials struck a good balance between being content-rich, concise, and visually appealing.
  • Managed the company’s event strategy, including tradeshows and speaking engagements.
  • Developed a repeatable demand generation ‘playbook’. Built a team of marketers to execute the playbook in different market segments and geographic regions, resulting in 5x revenue growth.

We can’t wait until 2023. Now Back to Today. If you’d like this story to be yours, apply now.

Preferred qualifications and experience:

  • Marketing experience: 3-5 years, preferably in content development and B2B campaigns
  • Excellent technical knowledge of the latest digital marketing tools and channels including Salesforce, Hotjar, and marketing automation platforms like Pardot and SalesLoft 
  • Excellent at producing and editing written content for a variety of marketing materials (blogs, webinars, website, case studies, e-mails, etc.)
  • Comfortable with graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience in digital marketing strategies (SEO, content marketing, e-mail campaigns, account-based marketing, and channel marketing)
  • Start-up company or agency experience is an asset
  • Education: Degree or diploma in business/marketing/economics or related discipline.
  • Based in Waterloo, Ontario, or willing to relocate

Compensation and benefits:

  • Base Salary: $80K - $100K + performance-based discretionary bonus
  • Work-Life Balance: Flex time, work from home, vacation time
  • Benefits Plan: Dental, prescription, disability, massage, and more

Who we are:
RideCo powers on-demand transit. Public transit agencies use RideCo's cloud-based software platform to provide on-demand shared rides in dynamically routed buses and vans. Our clients include some of the world’s largest transportation operators such as Los Angeles Metro, San Antonio Metro, Grab, and Calgary Transit.
Have you experienced getting frustrated with transfers and waiting while taking a public bus? Have you seen buses drive around in low-density areas with very few passengers on-board and wondered how inefficient that seems to be? You're likely aware of the first & last mile access challenges faced by transit hubs. We are solving these problems by re-imagining shared mobility. Imagine a world where vehicles have dynamic routes responsive to real-time trip demand. This 'dynamic shuttle' (or van /sedan) would pick you up, on-demand, at or near your doorstep and take you to your destination or transit hub. Along the way, it may pick-up other passengers going in your direction. Your experience will be seamless: less waiting, less walking, fewer transfers, shorter travel time, and timely pickups and drop-offs. RideCo's 'dynamic shuttle' platform enables this seamless experience and low-cost shared rides for vehicle fleet operators and their passengers. By seamlessly moving more people in fewer vehicles we are catalyzing a generational shift in how people get around cities and towns. This means commuters spend less time in transit and more time doing what they enjoy.
RideCo powers a diverse range of use cases, including residential/ suburban travel; first-mile-last-mile connections for transit hubs; and corporate employee transportation. We are investing to scale up and capture the growing demand for on-demand shared rides solutions.



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